UM: iOS 11 Will Apparently Feature Emojis You Can Customise W/ Your Face

Folks are making all sorts of discoveries about the iPhone X since iOS 11‘s leak over the weekend, but this one’s sure to be the most popular.

Whilst initial reports noted there would be 3D emojis, it’s now suggested that these Animoji will be animated based on your facial expressions picked up by the phone’s camera. In other words, you can absolutely animate a poo emoji to look furious with your own face. Unbelievable.

The code in iOS 11 describes these as “custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions.” The feature will be exclusive to the iPhone X due to its reliance on a face-tracking camera.

There’s a whole bunch of critters you’ll be able to customise as you can see from the pictures below.

This is a fucking game changer for your suggestive emoji game, folks. I can only assume it will be mere minutes before someone finds a way to turn one of these into a sexual icon.

There’s also a cheeky heart floating around in the assets which can apparently be used with the faces.

Another image found in the software shows the breadth of expressions the hardware will recognise. Animoji will be controlled by the left and right eyebrows, raising the chin, cheeks, opening or squinting your eyes, lips, moving your jaw, and a bunch of mouth movements like smiling or frowning.

While the evidence supporting this feature is pretty damn overwhelming, we’ll know for sure when Apple announce their new phone on Tuesday the 12th of September. If you wanna watch the presentation in our time, you’ll have to do it at 3am AEST on Wednesday morning.

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