More Deets About The ‘iPhone X’ Have Leaked Before The Big Preso Next Week

We thought we knew just about everything about the new iPhone ahead of Apple’s event on the 12th, but it seemed they had a few extra surprised up their sleeve. Well, not anymore.

The so-called ‘golden master’ – i.e. the final build – of iOS 11 has leaked a little early than expected, and it comes with some goodies. Let’s get the big one out of the way: yes, it looks like the new iPhone is called the iPhone X.

So it’s more or less confirmed what we basically already knew: there will be three new iPhones including the so-called 10th anniversary device. Nobody is going mad over this news. We kinda knew it.

The leak also reveals a thing or two about the camera, which looks like it will support 240fps video recording 1080p – which is definitely a beast of a mobile phone camera.

The code includes references to different modes in portrait photography mode, named “Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono and Studio Light”. Most speculation online points to that being related to different kinds / colours of flash.

Also, as expected, it seems like the iPhone X is ditching the home button altogether, replacing Touch ID – the fingerprint scanner – with Face ID, a facial recognition unlock system. Check out the cute lil’ animation:

Also – and this is sure to drive the punters wild – it seems like iOS 11 includes… 3D emojis. I give it 24 hours before someone uses it for an extremely horny purpose.

And for all those Apple Watch fans out there, of which I assume there are at least five of you, the software build confirms that there’s a version of the ol’ wrist computer with inbuilt 4G LTE connectivity. I know. You’re going wild.

Get ready for September 12th, folks.