26 Shackets To Buy Now That The Weather Is Doing The Annoying In-Between Shit We Call Autumn

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It’s April and the weather is officially doing that Autumn thing where it can’t decide what it wants to do. Even though the weather forecast says “28”, it’s chilly commuting to and from work, and really, there’s only one way to dress: layers. Thankfully, this year shackets are all the rage and gosh darn aren’t they just the perfect thing to throw on over your outfit or stuff in your work or Uni bag.

What is a shacket, you ask? Well it’s a nifty little portmanteau of the words “shirt” and “jacket”, which is perfect considering you often don’t know what to wear at this stage of the year – something light or something a little heavier. Shackets are made for autumn, and they come in all types for all genders. There’s fleecy shackets! Cord shackets! Denim shackets! Long shackets! Short shackets! Am I obsessed with saying shacket? Maybe a bit.

Cop a look at these perfect-for-Autumn options we’ve rounded up for you:


Topshop Croc PU Shacket, $99.95
All About Eve Denim Shacket, $99.95
Spencer Project Cord Shacket, $129.95
Nudie Jeans Barney Desert Jacket, $399
Tommy Jeans Front Pocket Badge Shacket, $259
Patagonia Isthmus Quilted Shirt Jacket, $249.95


Liquor N Poker Corduroy Shacket in Mustard, $70
ASOS DESIGN Harrington Shacket in green check, $120
ASOS DESIGN Faux Suede Harrington Shacket with patch pocket in tan, $45.50
Missguided Plus Oversized Shacket in grey check, $90
ASOS DESIGN Jersey WFH Sweat Shacket Suit in jade green, $64
Daisy Street Plus Relaxed Shacket in pastel check, $50
ASOS DESIGN Longline Shacket in check, $96
ASOS DESIGN Curve Oversized Shacket in fleece, $56
COLLUSION Unisex Oversized Shacket in beige check, $50

Cotton On

The Denim Shacket, $69.99
The Trucker Shacket, $59.99


Twill Shacket, $39.99
Twill Shacket, $25

Universal Store

Dickies Eisenhower Jacket in black, $119.99
Common Need 88 Denim Worker Jacket in classic blue, $100
Dickies Garage Jacket in brown duck, $120
Luck & Trouble oversized Shacket in grey marle, $100
Luck & Trouble PU Shacket in black, $90


Longline Teddy Shacket in black, $99.99
Oversized Houndstooth Shacket, $89.99