H&M’s New Autumn Menswear Range Just Dropped & It’s 300% Dapper

H&M Mens

There’s something about ‘autumn is coming’ that just doesn’t sound quite as good as ‘winter is coming’. Aside from lacking the iconic Game of Thrones reference, autumn can often feel like a bit of a ‘meh’ season.

Firstly, you’re leaving behind those long, summer nights of kicking back with a few bevvies and mates after work – something we bloody love. And then there’s the whole ‘transeasonal dressing’ thing, which often involves whacking on a load of ~layers~ much like when your mum used to dress you for park hangs back in 1994.

Whilst we can’t change the daylight savings thing, we do have some pretty cool news on the fashion front. H&M just dropped its new autumn menswear collection and it’s so snazzy that we’re actually kinda excited for old mate autumn.

Not only does the range include dapper woolly pieces keep you snug as a bug when the weather turns nasty, but the collection also looks damn fine.

So what does the fre$h drop actually contain? Well, I’m glad you asked. On the outerwear front, there’s a slew of sleek tailored blazers, jackets and coats to instantly elevate your bog-standard ‘jeans and a tee’ outfit.

H&M Mens
Coat, $79.99 at H&M

As for layering ops, they’ve got versatile crew and turtleneck styles coming out the wazoo in a range of neutral and some slightly zestier colourways.

H&M Mens
Knit, $24.99 at H&M

Of course, nobody’s expecting you to go roaming around town without any pants on, so they’ve got you covered there. Suit trousers, chinos, jeans – you name it, it’s there.

Plus, there’s also a range of on-trend accessories like beanies and covetable sneakers to finish your lewk off.

H&M Mens
Knit, $44.99 at H&M

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the schmick new range in stores now.