PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with POLITIX to get you rugged up this Winter.

Winter is finally around the corner, meaning it’s time to get your wardrobe primed for frosty Sunday arvo pub sessions and chilly late nights out.

Not only is it the best time of year in general for all activities, but it also presents the op to dress our absolute best – because the whole foundation of keeping warm and looking incredible in winter is layering your looks.

Layering is the ultimate way to look like a complete style icon without actually having to invest in much thought or effort at all. Whether you’re into streetwear, surf and boho vibes or are yet to settle on an aesthetic, layering is the one common thread to every truly great look across the style spectrum.

If an outfit has depth, complementary colours and textures, I can guarantee you will staunch anyone wearing a basic, plain old loner sweater, hanging there on its own without a jacket to befriend. It’s 2021, and basic-ness can and should be avoided at all costs when it comes to dressing up, so here are a few tips on how to ace the layering game this season.

Shackets Are Your New Best Friend

Shackets are such a winter fashion move right now. They’re basically an oversized overshirts, but they’ve been given a modern zhuzh that we’re all here for.

Stock yourself up on staple basics like monochrome tight longsleeves and baggy vintage tees to layer underneath an overshirt/shirt (like from POLITIX’S Autumn/Winter 2021 offering) to finish off a hyper-2021 TikTok approved, 3-layered street look.

If you’re not sold on the shacket train, puffer jackets are a must for winter as well. Dan Andrews’ iconic black puffer may have taken 2020 by storm, but IMO he could’ve elevated the look immensely by wearing it open with a tee underneath or finishing off the whole look with a side bag to accessorise and spice up the daily COVID presser.

Layer Your Hoodies

Wearing a singular hoodie does not count as drip. Unless you’re going to the gym or making a late-night run to the servo for snacks, we need to cut any ties we have with wearing a plain old hoodie as a shirt right now. ASAP. It should’ve happened yesterday, but alas.

The only person who could get away with this is Kanye because he designed/ revolutionised the humble hoodie’s existence. However, he’d wear a hoodie with some form of an extra layer to amplify the whole look more often than not. If a style icon like Ye can’t get away with the hoodie-only vibe then you shouldn’t either.

You’ll be living your cosiest dreams if you stick to neutral or earthy tones with a light-weight hoodie – khaki (which is so right now), creams, grey and green to easily slide a denim or black coloured jacket over the top.

Statement Jackets

A well-tailored statement jacket should be another must-have in your winter wardrobe. It’ll help take basic pieces from casual to slightly fancy if you’ve decided to splurge on a nice dinner or are hitting up a nice event that isn’t entirely formal.

You can opt for a bomber-style jacket that toes the line between casual, sporty and dressy in the best way, to wear over your basics, or potentially cop a coat that’ll help you exude a mysterious, detective-esque aura (if you’re into that thing).

Trying out different textures and patterns is also a good way to zhuzh up a simple shirt-jeans-and-jacket look, and opting for a turtle neck to layer underneath will surely add a bit of European-cool to your regular threads.

Suit Up

Okay, I know How I Met Your Mother is outrageously outdated these days (a convo for another article), but Barney Stinson was right about wearing a suit. They’re entirely a vibe, and honestly not enough men are leaning in.

If you’re ready to make a bold move this winter, I highly endorse the idea of becoming a suit guy. POLITIX has a huge range of suit-style jackets to shop for this winter, ranging from bold and unique to straight-up classic, if you’re feeling inspired to switch up your style for the cooler weather.

I’m not saying you have to wear a tuxedo every day, but opt for a comfy, stretch-knit suit jacket to wear over jeans or matching pants (like the image above) and you’ll be sure to end up on the figurative best-dressed list of any party you attend.

There is fashion inspo readily available at the tips of our fingers, so save your favourite looks on IG, make Pinterest boards, embrace the vibe of your fave TikTokers, and manifest your winter style before delving into a shop. From there you’ll be able to suss out what you’ll need for a perfect layered look, and you’ll be ready to battle whatever the elements throw at you in the best looking way possible.

Image: POLITIX / Seinfeld