Dressing in winter doesn’t have to mean duplicating the carriage of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Known for their diverse, flattering and stylish basics, Metalicus invites its wearers to create their own unique looks by layering and mixing their pieces. And that’s what makes Metalicus a great solution to stepping out in style and keeping warm this winter without resembling the mascot of a tire franchise. After all, the beauty of living in tropical Australia and not Scandinavia is that the mercury rarely falls below 18 degrees – so we can vainly afford to put appearance first.

For Melbourne designer Melma Hamersfeld, her madcap idea to use the material usually associated with panty-hose as the basis for designing a women’s entire wardrobe has paid off with the international success of her fashion label, Metalicus.

An Australian brand with a widespread international customer base, the secret to Metalicus’ success revolves around one key philosophy: layering.

Specifically designed for women who want a never-ending wardrobe of on-trend options all year round, the Metalicus 2011 Winter Collection is no exception. Filled with a gorgeous colour palette of chocolate, charcoal, burnt umber and cream, we are also treated to exciting bursts of tangerine, soft hues of aubergine and pops of bold graphic prints. Leggings, body con dresses, adjustable camis, cosy jumpers, cropped jackets, stylish blazers – there is quite literally something for everyone in their new range. Who knew spandex had so much potential?

Westfield Presents: Metalicus

Words by Jess Glass