Harry Styles Performed His Oral Sex Bop In An Open Leather Jacket & Suddenly I’m Pregnant

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Hello, it’s me, Matthew Galea, PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Harry Styles Editor reporting for duty. And by duty, I mean covering Harry’s heavenly opening of The Grammy’s 2021.

Ever since it was announced that Harry had been bestowed the supreme honour of opening the show, my mind has been an absolute whirlwind of theories, wondering what he would dream up to wear on this blessed occasion.

But nothing in my wildest visualisations could’ve prepared me for what graced the Grammys stage earlier today: Harry. Edward. Styles. In. A. Freaking. Feather. Boa.

Harry Styles performing at The Grammys 2021

Harry Styles pranced onto the stage wearing a matching leather lewk (we do love a boi in leather), accompanied by a green feather boa bc why the fuck not?

He performed his iconique 2020 bop ‘Watermelon Sugar’ that was, frankly, the greatest thing to come out of the horrid year that was.

Then as the performance progressed he whipped the boa off him and honestly, it’s pure fucking magic.

Just look at this still.


Harry Styles performing at The Grammys 2021

Peep the full performance below. I knew our boy Harry Styles would not disappoint.

Harry Styles is nominated for three ‘yuge awards tonight, including Best Pop Vocal album, Fine Line, Best Music video, ‘Adore You’ and Best Pop Solo performance, ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

You can check out the Grammys pre-show on YouTube HERE or Facebook HERE, for your viewing pleasure.

Then from about 11am today, you can watch the main event on regular telly via Channel 10.

In addition to our boi Harry Styles, there will also be performances by Cardi BTaylor SwiftBad BunnyBillie EilishHAIM and John Mayer.

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