This morning, Harry Styles released his long-awaited music video for fruity banger, ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

Luckily, the impish prince had the foresight to film the music video prior to COVID-19, ‘coz, frankly, the themes of the song could not have been explored quite as well with social distancing in place.

There’s been much debate since the release of Fine Line about what the hell Styles is singing about, but let’s just say the music video solves the riddle once and for all: it’s 1000% about oral sex.

Want proof? Here are a bunch of horny moments from the music video, ranked by how blatantly it references doing the deed.

7. Starting off with a bang, I mean blow, I mean bang (but really, blow)

The first verse makes it abundantly clear what our boy is singing about and the opening scene conjures an equally horny image.

Harry dines solo at a table on Malibu Beach, only we’re somehow led to believe that he’s not the only one present at the table.

His brekky comprises of coffee, juice, and a nice, big hunk of watermelon but before he can even taste the fruit, he’s halted by a sensation that results in elated facial expressions.


“i want your berries, and that summer feelin'”

“it’s so wonderful and warm”

6. Basking, head down, in a sea of watermelons

Harry is constantly surrounded by a gorgeous group of female friends who seldom go anywhere in the clip without their watermelon.

He watches on with glee as they play with the fruit, tempting him to have a taste, which he eventually does (again and again).

5. Bottoms up, bb

Yep, he reeeally loves the taste of that ~*watermelon sugar*~.

4. Simultaneous eating and convulsing

During the chorus, Harry and co lounge on the beach and a split screen shows Harry munching on fruit while the ladies convulse.

It’s as if his mouth causes the sensations.

3. Ring finger (reverse those words in your head, I dare ya)

While sitting at the table, he seductively traces his finger back and forth across the pink part of the watermelon.

Oh Harry, ya big ‘ol tease.

2. Watermetaphor

In case there’s still any confusion about what the watermelon symbolises, one of the sprite-like ladies makes it obvi by riding a watermelon, before feeding pieces of the fruit to Harry.

Bone apple teeth.

1. Eating in? No, eating out

After about 50 seconds of being an absolute tease at the start of the clip, he finally goes in for the kill, sinking his teeth into the juices of the watermelon he’s been playing with.

As he does this, a girl bounces up, as if in unison with Harry’s bites.

This continues on both ends throughout the chorus, with several other girls chiming in, and it appears that a good time was had by all.

Think this is a bit of a stretch? Let me ask you this: is Harry eating in? Nope, he’s eating out.

Read that again slowly: He’s. Eating. Out.

Do with this what you will.

Check out the full vid in motion for your viewing pleasure below: