Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Interacted At The Grammys And I’m Putting My Haylor Hat Back On

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Grammys

Let’s jump into the time machine and take a quick trip back to 2012, when Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were dating for a brief period in time. If you were a Haylor stan, then you’ll absolutely love what I’m about to show you. The two singers interacted at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards! Does this mean they’re back in the sheets together? Probably not, but let’s discuss it anyway.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have had their fair share of tumultuous relationships, but none more intriguing than the time they crossed paths almost ten years ago now.

Sure the brief relationship inspired a bunch of Swift songs and was also at a time when One Direction was the best thing since sliced bread, but it ultimately didn’t work out for either of the stars, and came to an end at the end of 2012. (Maybe that was what the Mayans were trying to warn us about?)

The two reunited at this year’s Grammys, where they were both competing against each other for the Best Pop Vocal Album award. Ultimately the prize went to Styles, but that didn’t stop the two from supporting each other.

In the clip below, you can see Styles and Swift having a lovely chat as Doja Cat performs in the background. The two seem to be really good friends, so let’s stop pretending there’s animosity, okay Swifties?

Swipe to the second post on this Insta gallery for the video.


Swift can also be seen applauding for Styles when he won the award, which is super sweet.

I mean, I can’t image she’d just stay sitting down like a bitter ex, but she seemed genuinely happy for Harry, which is lovely to see. More celebrity friendships and less feuds, please.

At the end of the night, Swift took home the award for Album of the Year with Folklore, and Styles took home the award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

So whether you’re a Styles stan or a Swifty, your fave went home with a prize! Everyone wins!

If you need me I’m going to be watching Harry Styles’ performance of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ on loop because… it was very hot and everything I’ve ever wanted.