P.E Nation Are Slinging 40% Off Sale Items Today For Afterpay Day And Somebody Restrain Me

Athleisure gods P.E Nation are throwing their bike shorts in the Afterpay Day 2020 ring, offering up to 40% off sale items today. Afterpay Day officially kicked off at 8am this morning and finishes up on Friday 21st August at 11:59pm.

Given how quickly P.E Nation flies off the shelves, you’ll want to add all the leggings, jackets and bras to your cart at an ungodly speed. The brand’s sale collection currently has 4 pages with everything from swimsuits and sunglasses to skirts and singlets.

Along with being able to pay off your impulse purchases in four interest-free instalments, Afterpay have introduced two new features for the occasion. Shoppers can now have visibility into their estimated spend limits (useful) and the ability to pay off some or all of an outstanding balance ahead of a scheduled payment. Essentially it gives you more power over your spending so use it wisely, heathens.

Below is a lil’ teaser of the stuff I’ve already added to cart so get those nimble fingers going to nab yours.

Boost Sports Bra (Was $99.00, currently $59.00)

This cute sports bra makes me want to rip my gym top off and force people to admire it.

Short Corner Trackpant in Blush Pink (Was $179.00, currently $109.00)

These pants look like something I’d happily let graft to my skin – comfy x 1 million.

P.E Nation Afterpay Day 2020

Ignition Cropped Tee in Black (Was $79.00, currently $49.00 )

P.E Nation cropped tees have attained cult status for a reason, just take a look at them in all their glory.

P.E Nation Afterpay Day 2020

P.E Nation X DC Counterpunch Jacket (Was $380.00, currently $309.00)

This jacket is giving me major snow bunny vibes. I’ve never been skiing but is that going to stop me from buying it? Likely not.

Somebody please hold me back this Afterpay Day 2020 because P.E Nation is going to take all the money I have and I’m not the slightest bit mad about it.

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