Magnum Has Launched 3 ‘Social Distancing’ Towels So Big, Everyone *Has* To Stay 1.5M Back

The classiest ice-cream brand going around Magnum, have released a range of oversized beach towels that are just as elegant, and also happen to be the perfect social-distancing size.

Basically, the towels are two x two metres, so are perfectly sized to stay TF away from people. I for one, not only need this for COVID times, but I need this so people can respect my personal space even when things go back to normal. There is nothing worse than someone getting all up in your grill, while you’re trying to sun bake (safely, ofc).

The designer-towels have been creatively designed with three artists for Magnum’s true to pleasure campaign. The artists: David Vanadia, Quentin Monge and an artist from our very own backyard, Karan Singh.

“It’s been an interesting process to create work for an object which serves a new purpose as life has changed. I enjoy creating art for pieces which serve a function and am looking forward to seeing how these will be used, and how they might help us all socialise safely,” Singh said.

The towels are going for $50 dollarydoos each and those who get their hands on one of these limited-edition towels will also receive a unique code to redeem a free Magnum pint via ‘The Dessert Store’ on UberEats.

The proceeds for the sale of the towels will be donated to 100WEEKS, which is a charity that supports women in cocoa communities who harvest the delicious cocoa beans that are used to make Magnum chocolate.

Many of these women were extremely hard-hit by the pandemic, which is why Magnum have also pledged to donate an additional $400,000 AUD to 100WEEKS. This additional donation will cover a two-year unconditional cash transfer, as well as training in entrepreneurship so they can make an additional income.

Magnum are only releasing 250 of these socially-distanced towels, so head here to get your mitts on one of these fancy-ice-cream-towels.