Levi’s Has Re-Released Its Iconic 501 Jeans & It’s About Time Yr Peach Copped A New Pair

levi's 501

There’s nothing better in this world than finally finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. The only thing that slightly beats it is finding a pair of jeans that not only fit perfectly but continue to meld to the shape of your bits and bobs over time (and basically become like a second skin).

We’ve got some good news if you’ve been lacking that sensation.

Levi’s (the OG denim lord) is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its 501 jeans, by teaming up with Myer to sling an updated re-release. The 501 is arguably one of the most instantly recognisable and iconic pieces of clothing ever to exist, so if the vibe you’re going for in 2023 is ‘effortlessly cool,’ we highly recommend jumping on board.


Rocking the 501 84’. It’s giving ~effortless cool~.

The line will feature an updated version of 1954’s 501 for men with a higher rise and a slimmer, slightly tapered leg. It also features a new version of 1981’s 501 for women, structured kind of like a mom-jean with a slightly tapered leg and sitting nice and comfy around the waist with a higher rise.

The line is described as an “eclectic approach that mixes preppy, West Coast collegiate, and vintage.” Those words read like Lana Del Rey lyrics to me, and if something even slightly gives off the same vibes as miss LDR, I buy it.

Over the last few years, hundreds of denim trends have come and gone — skinny jeans were stamped out, and ultra-baggy e-girl jeans had their moment in the sun —  but a slightly washed-out, well-made, straight-leg pair of jeans seriously never goes out of style. Levi’s 501s are about as iconic as they come, there’s nothing more timeless aesthetically than being instantly recognisable.

You can cop a pair from Myer right here.