Levi’s Are Bringing Their ‘Authorised Vintage’ Denim Collection To Australia

Anyone who froths a pair of vintage Levi’s knows the struggle of finding a pair that fit you like a glove. Nine times out of ten, that old school fit goes straaaaaight up your ass and is maximum levels of “oh god, I can’t feel my legs”.

Well, Levi’s are here to help you out, my friends. They’ve announced their already epic Authorised Vintage collection, which launched States-side recently, is headed to Oz in June.

Basically, Levi’s procured over 50,000 pairs of vintage jeans and denim jackets in the US, and have reworked them for a modern fit.

Don’t worry though – the shape is still true to the OG style, but in great news they’re HELL comfy and legit fit like a glove thanks to some minor edits, just as we all dreamed.

It makes sense that, given a large percentage of vintage denim IS Levi’s brand, that they themselves sell their own vintage jeans.

The collection will be available in selected Levi’s stores in Australia, with their official drop date unannounced as yet. Keep an eye on their site here toward the end of May/early June.