This 4-Step Haircare Routine Will Stop Your Shedding & Unclog Your Shower Drain

Kerastase Genesis Collection
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Friends, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I lose so much hair in the shower or to my hairbrush that I’m convinced I’m going bald. There’s nothing wrong with being bald, I reckon I could rock it. It’s more concerning that my hair is potentially so dry and damaged that it’s falling out. So I’ve been hunting for different haircare products that’ll heal the hairs on my head. During my travels, I stumbled upon Kerastase’s new Genesis Collection.

The new anti-hair fall range consists of a bunch of products that we’re specifically created to combat hair breakage and strengthen hair that’s been weakened by heat damage, bleaching, brushing, and stress (LOL, meeee). And considering nearly 88 per cent of women claim to experience hair fall at some point in their life, I’m not really surprised that I, a subtle, bleach blonde, am now one of them.

Anyway, the Kérastase Genesis collection features five anti-hair fall products — shampoo, conditioner, masques, heat protectant and a serum — each specifically designed to combat hair fall and strengthen weakened hair. Each product is formulated with hair-loving ingredients like edelweiss native cells, ginger root, arginine and caffeine, to help repair weak, damaged hair.

Let’s unpack the products, shall we?

Meet the Kerastase Genesis products

Step one: cleanse

Cleansing your hair with a shampoo at the start of your routine is essential to get rid of any built-up dirt, debris and excess oils. You can choose from two hair loss shampoos — the Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Shampoo for thick hair, or the Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo for thin hair.

Step two: treat

Post-shampoo, it’s time to treat your hair with a hair loss conditioner and hair masque. For thin hair types, try using the lightweight fortifying conditioner to treat the hair without weighing it down. For thicker hair types, skip the conditioner and jump straight to the masque. If your hair is especially dry or fragile, always use the conditioner after shampooing and follow it up with the hair masque at least two-to-three times a week.

Step three: protect

Kerastase Genesis Collection

If you’re someone who uses heat tools on the reg, you probably need to start using a heat protectant spray to avoid further damage. Post-towel-drying and pre-heat, apply the heat protect spray and comb through with your fingers or a brush to evenly distribute it. This will help to protect hair from heat damage while minimising frizziness and split ends. Nice!

Step four: serum (round two)

To really reinvigorate your hair health, you’ll wanna finish off your routine with the Kérastase anti-hair fall serum. The silicone-free formula strengthens your hair with each use. Simply massage a healthy amount into a towel-dried scalp, and let it work its magic. The formula re-anchors the hair fibre at the root to help minimise shedding and breakage.

Kerastase Genesis Collection

Like any good routine, it needs to be done consistently. So if you really wanna see results, you need to be as diligent with your haircare routine as you are with your skincare routine — which means that it could be worth investing in the complete set.

Shop the Kérastase Genesis Collection

Sounds pretty good, huh?! If you’re sick of shedding hair and clogging your drain, you can peep the full Kérastase Genesis Collection here.

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