17 Secret Santa Gift Ideas If You Have No Fkn Idea What To Get Susan From Accounts

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Christmas is coming in hot, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate some good in this world. However, among the festive cheer is the silent dread of the whole office Secret Santa/Kris Kringle tradition. We get it, buying Christmas presents is hard enough, but buying them for people you spoke to once in the tea room? Forget about it.

While the cutesy tradition is designed to bring colleagues closer together, it can truly make people sweaty with fear. Usually, there will be a few rules, like nothing over $25 and nothing crude (because there’s always one person who takes it too far).

Here, we’ve done the hard yards for you and whipped up 17 secret Santa gift ideas – almost all of them are under $25 – that’ll dazzle one and all. They’re also available online, so you don’t have to run around your local shops in a frenzy. Just kick back, click “add to cart,” and wait for the gift to rock up at your door. Then prepare to be crowned employee of the month for stealing the show at the secret Santa gifts reveal.

Gag gift secret Santa

The easiest way to distract from the idea that you don’t know someone at all – is by getting them a joke present. Yep, humour is always a sure-fire winner when it comes to Kris Kringle.

This Beard Filler Pen

secret santa

Beard/Hair Corrector, $31.99

Okay, this first one breaks the budget a little bit, but it’s totally worth it if you and your co-worker have solid bants about the state of their beard (aka lack thereof). Hey, it might even come in handy, too.

These Reusable Kitchen Wipes

Tirtyl Towels, $12

If there’s a running joke about that one employee who never cleans the kitchen or always forgets to wash their dirty lunch fork in the sink, this is a funny way to give it one last rinse before giving them a clean slate come New Year. Bonus points for being something the whole office can benefit from, too.

These Bubble Tea Inspired Shorts

secret santa

Boba Swim Shorts, $27

For the co-worker that is never seen without a Gong Cha or Chatime bubble tea in hand.

This Fortune Teller Ball

Fortune Teller Ball, $19.95

One of the best things to come from an office Kris Kringle is the inevitable faffing around that happens after the gift exchange. Everyone in the office sits around, playing with their new gifts and watching others play with theirs — it’s an unproductive paradise. This Fortune Teller Ball will provide silly entertainment to all, bringing the office together one last time before the holidays. We love to see it.

This Twister Board Gamesecret santa

Twister Board Game, $16.99

Anyone who says Twister is a children’s game clearly hasn’t attended a board games party as an adult. This should live in every adult’s cupboard for any and all situations – from a Saturday night party to an icebreaker on a third date, you can’t go wrong with Twister.

These Digital Drumsticks

Digital Drumsticks, $14.99

Did you draw that guy in the office who never stops pretend-drumming on his desk? THIS is the perfect gift. The drumsticks glow as you play — real drumsticks don’t even do that!

Self-care Secret Santa gifts

Everybody loves a bit of self-care, and we should all be doing a bit more of it — especially if you and your co-workers have been working hard all year! These delightful, luxurious gifts are sure to please whoever is on the receiving end.

This Zodiac Essential Oil Blend

secret santa

If you picked that star sign-obsessed co-worker out of the hat – the one who announces the beginning of Mercury retrograde at your morning meetings and blames their mental breakdown Monday on the fact they’re a Cancer – this zodiac-themed essential oil is a thoughtful way to show them you’ve been listening. Just make sure you get their zodiac right.

Aries Zodiac Sign Essential Oil Blend, $25

This Beauty Sleep Mist

Silvi Beauty Sleep Mist, $19

I struggle to go to sleep early on work nights, so if you’ve got a co-worker in the same boat who is forever complaining about their sleep deprivation and need for coffee, this is a cute gift to help them kick their revenge bedtime procrastination.

This Massage Stone

secret santa

Jade Crystal Gua Sha Massage Stone, $19.95

One of my favourite things to do at the end of a long day is to use my crystal face massager after doing my skincare routine. There’s something so genuinely mindful about it, it’s a great way to relax after a rough day. A perfect little gift, and pretty too!

This Cork Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat With Strap, $25.00

How’s this for the ultimate self-care gift? This beautiful eco-friendly cork yoga mat is a thoughtful gift for any fitness fan — you don’t have to use it for yoga, but you can also use it for stretches, pilates and meditation sessions.

This Lip Balm

secret santa

Lip Babe, $19.95

If you work in an air-conditioned office, you’ll know how dry your lips can get. A good lip balm is a must-have not just for the office but for your car, handbag, gym bag… I could go on.

Secret Santa gifts that will spruce up any workspace

A dull, boring desk is not a fun place to sit all day and doesn’t offer much in the way of comfort or inspiration. You can spruce up any workspace with just a little bit of a decor update, and these gifts are gorgeous, affordable and helpful additions to your workmates’ setup.

This Cat Oil Burner

Salem Cat Oil Burner, $12.00

Look at this cute lil kitty! Your workmate will be able to use this oil burner to give the office a lovely, calming aroma, or they could use it as a knick-knack holder. Think of the possibilities!

This Collapsible Laptop Stand

secret santa

Collapsible Laptop Stand, $24.99

This laptop stand is so handy because it’s portable. Your workmate can use it all day at the desk, then, if they have to do some emails at home, they can pop it in their bag for easy transport. This is a surprisingly useful Kris Kringle gift!

This Desktop Calendar

2023 Desktop Calendar, $14.95

There’s nothing like a physical diary or calendar to help you keep track of all your work projects, appointments and activities. This stand-up calendar is great because you really can’t miss it — forgetting important meetings will be a thing of the past.

Crowd pleaser Secret Santa gifts

Last but not least comes the crowd-pleasers. The things that are universally enjoyed by all and thereby impossible to dislike. Even if you know absolutely nothing about your person, these gifts are guaranteed to awe and delight.

This Bluetooth Speaker
secret santa

T&G Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $20.65

You don’t have to be the office muso to appreciate the value of a portable speaker. You can take this bad boy absolutely anywhere and enjoy the unrivalled bliss of music on the go. It’s a failsafe gift that will likely render everyone jealous that you weren’t their secret Santa.

This Art Tote Bag

Art Tote Bag, $24.99

Doesn’t it always seem as though you never have a bag when you really need one? Your co-worker can keep this one in their car or even at their desk just in case of emergencies. Thoughtful but low effort? Tick.

These Shot Glasses

secret santa

Shot Glasses, $7.49

Unless you’re a total scrooge, these shot glasses are a top-tier present for literally anyone. If you don’t use them for drinks, they can be colourful jewellery holders. Their intricate design also makes it look like you dropped some cold hard cash on ’em, but at less than $17 a pop for four glasses, you’re laughing.