Jean-Paul Lespagnard wants a Cowboy as a husband

Belgian Stylist turned Fashion Designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard recently won the 23rd International Festival of Photography and Fashion. These are some of his creations.

His latest collection is titled “Ich will nen Cowboy als Mann”, which means “I want a cowboy as a husband” and is a song title by Gitte from 1963. The collection consists of a combination of cow-boy romanticism and belgian fast-food aesthetics. “Ich will nen Cowboy als Mann” is based around the life of a fantasy character named Jacqueline. Jacqueline runs a well known ‘fritkot’, where her admirers come from afar to sample her crispy french fries. She has two passions in life: The kitsch Danish singer Gitte and a deep fondness for Texas; especially rodeo clowns. She always wears whatever is going on in her head, with no qualms. She awaits the day a Cowboy will come sweep her off her feet and marry her.

Photos by Laetitia Bica. Public Prize and 1.2.3. Prize Fiam Hyeres via