How To Nail The Western Style Of A Yellowstone Ranch Owner When You’re On A Sharehouse Budget

Contributor: Melissa Mason
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If you’re deep in a Yellowstone binge-sesh now that season five of the hit series on Stan is underway, you’re probably eyeing off some serious Western fashion. Maybe you’ve gone from a minimalist to someone who feels they desperately need cowboy boots in their weekly rotation, or you’re ready to pack away the 00s baggy jeans in favour of a crisp bootcut. 

We feel you. It helps that cowboy style is very much trending right now because it means finding Western pieces without spending a billion bucks is a lot easier. Add in the fact that people have been doing the cowboy thing for decades now (except actually wrangling horses and so on), so the op shops are a treasure trove, and you’re set for kitting yourself out in true Yellowstone fashion without breaking the bank.

Here are our top tips for nailing the Dutton Yellowstone look without having a ranch owner’s yearly earnings.

Shop vintage

You can’t do Yellowstone without cowboy boots, but you’ll quickly discover they’re pretty damn expensive when bought new. Well, they don’t have to be – but if you want longevity out of your boots (and you do), you’ll want to invest in proper leather, well-made styles over whatever you can find on the cheap sites.

Stop! Get off the internet and out to the streets. Heaps of vintage stores stock incredible cowboy boots sourced direct from the US of A, so maybe a real cowboy even wore them, you just don’t know. A few faves of ours are Route 66 in Sydney, American Vintage Clothing Co. in Melbs and Midwest Trader in Adelaide.

Buy statement pieces that change your look

Instead of throwing all your gear out and replacing it with an entirely new look, start with some classic Western pieces that can be worn with what you’ve already got. 

Aside from cowboy boots, a suede or faux-suede jacket is always a good get – fringing and embroidery optional but always welcome.

Ottway Rarebird Jacket, $289

Rework your denim shirts and even workwear with a leather tie around the collar, and tuck ‘em in instead of wearing them out.

Yellowstone fashion
Rolla’s Dallas Bootcut Jeans, $159.95

The right jeans will transform your look, too. Bootcut legs are everywhere, but we love what’s coming out of Rolla’s and Wrangler. They’ll sit smoothly over your new boots and also are a really flattering style on everyone, elongating the leg and making you look taller. Nice.

It’s Yellowstone, so you need a big hat of course.

Brixton THE ICONIC EXCLUSIVE Messer Fedora, $99.95

It’s also the perfect time to add these to your Christmas wish lists before sending it to the family chat.

Get a shag cut

Changing your hair can really get you closer to your dream of looking like you work on the Dutton ranch, except you’ve never touched a horse in your life. It’s all about a shaggy, hardly-touched-it cut over anything slick or styled.

Yellowstone fashion

Nail Beth’s relaxed bangs by asking for a curtain fringe – one that’s longer and splits in the middle. Ask for layers that add shape and will increase the wave of your hair, and try not to style it much. If you need to, just straighten it a little, then spritz through some beach spray to dampen and encourage more styled waves.

For shorter hair, think chin-length. You can literally just grow it out and then sweep it back – especially if you’re leaning in hard and going to get into cowboy hats. 

Take stock of your shit

Now that you’ve got the basics covered suss what can be used in your wardrobe. Mini dresses suddenly turn into daytime Western wear with cowboy boots. Plain tees tucked into your bootcut jeans with a chunky Western belt you found at an op shop? You’re on the ranch, friend. 

Sol Sana Eastwood Belt, $139

Because this style is rooted in actual workwear and people that, you know, had to do some hard yakka sometimes, it’s actually really easy to replicate via basics you already own.

Yellowstone fashion
Levi’s Barstow Shirt, $119.95

It’s just about tucking stuff in, wearing everything with boots and reducing accessories – less is best with Western.

Go hard or go home

The most important factor in nailing Yellowstone fashion is to embrace it wholly. Western style is a little confronting to adopt in a sea of 00s overalls and minimalist linen! But it’s definitely the kind of fashion look you need to embrace. Otherwise, people will be like, “oh, are you going to a dress-up party?”

Honestly, just lean in and be confident if you really want to embody the Yellowstone look. Throw on some sunnies if you’re venturing out for the first time and a bit stressed out. But truly, trust us when we say that heads will be turning – in a good way.