Jump On Yr Bucking Bronco ‘Cos Stan’s Western Epic Yellowstone Has A Release Date For Season 5

Stan’s rootin, tootin cattle-ranchin’ series Yellowstone has an official release date for season five so giddy the fuck up.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, which controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in America. The farm shares a border with a Native American reservation, America’s first national park and an expanding town.

There’s beef (literally and figuratively!)! There’s murder! There’s an ever-shifting complex web of alliances!

If you’ve never seen Yellowstone before and are intrigued, or if you’re a long-time stan, great news. Season five will be cantering onto Stan on November 14.

The family patriarch John Dutton is played by Oscar-winner Kevin Costner.

“I hope y’all are ready for another wild ride,” Costner wrote on socials.

Yes sir, I am.

The cast also includes Luke GrimesKelly ReillyWes BentleyCole HauserKelsey AsbilleBrecken MerrillJefferson WhiteForrie SmithDenim RichardsIan Bohen, Aussie Finn LittleRyan Bingham, Gil Birmingham, Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly.

Talk about fkn stacked!

Yellowstone has absolutely smashed US viewing records. Season four scored 14 million viewers for its premiere and 15 million for its finale. So season five is sure to go absolutely off.

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If November is too far away to quell your cowboy cravings (so valid bestie) Stan has more Western fare for you.

Billy the Kid dropped in late April and is based on the real life story of Billy the Kid aka William H. Bonney. He was an Irish cowboy who moved to the American frontier and participated in the Lincoln County War. It’s an eight part series so absolutely perfect for bingeing.

So there you have it; enough content to curb your 19th century cowboy desires and your present day cowboy dramas.

Yellowstone season five is currently filming in Montana, so expect some stunning scenic shots too.

If you wanna binge watch Yellowstone seasons one to four or Billy the Kid, you can find it all on Stan.

Go get your couch potato chaps on.