Gigi Hadid & Her Gloriously Fuzzy Armpits Rock Out In Love Mag’s Advent

Gigi Hadid has kicked, flexed and spun her way into the eleventh day of LOVE Magazine‘s insanely hot Advent Calendar.

The American model’s mini movie for the mag shows off her impressive kickboxing moves… but punters aren’t all that interested in her left hooks.

Instead, they’re thrown by what appears to be a smattering of dark fuzz in her pits:

Viewers expressed a mix bag of reactions on @thelovemagazine‘s Instagram, ranging from yasss queen to that’s nasty:

amen sista

But apparently, the dark area isn’t even hair.

Interestingly enough, the make-up artist on the shoot (Hung Vanngo) took to his Instagram to clear up the armpit-based confusion.

Someone commented on his upload of the vid praising Hadid for keeping her pits au naturel, to which he replied “it’s from the sweat & the dust of that building”.

So… it’s dust? That somehow made its way into her pits? And nowhere else? And made a pattern frighteningly similar to hair growth?!

If that truly is the case, someone better call Chris Carter, ‘cos this is surely fodder for a new ep of The X-Files.

Hypothetically though, even if sweat and dust had been the culprit, the attention to detail on these kinds of shoots is immense; someone on the day would have noticed and chose to get rid of it, or leave it there deliberately.

Either way, it’s a killer vid and Hadid and her armpits are glorious.