This Fast Food Joint’s Insane 25c Burger Deal Caused A Literal Stampede

There isn’t much I would not do in order to get my hands on a delicious burger. Nothing is better, not even the fulfilling love and adoration of a romantic partner or a successful career. So if my favourite burger place was offering burgers to me for a mere twenty-five cents, there would have to be an extremely good reason for me not to head straight there and smash a burg into my mouth immediately.

One reason that would possibly stop me, however, would be that in order to get the burger, I may be trampled upon and die a horrific death. That concept sure will ruin a gal’s appetite.

That’s what a bunch of people in The Phillipines risked for a hot sandwich, when popular chain Zark’s Burgers ran a promotion offering their (frankly delicious-looking) burgers for a measly 8 pesos, or $0.25, to honour their 8th anniversary.

Fresh. Huge. Great. Chaos. Terror. Only the first 80 people were going to be offered this deal, but thousands turned up, and the outcome was absolutely bonkers. First it started with a huge queue outside.

And then inside.

And then when the doors opened, pandemonium struck.


Legit terrifying. Zark’s took to social media to respond to the stampede, and issued an apology.

We at Zark’s Burgers express our deep gratitude for the mammoth response to our P8 for first 80 customers in-store promo to celebrate our 8th anniversary. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience experienced by patrons and other mall shoppers unintentionally brought about by this celebration that was intended to thank all of you for 8 years of loyal support and patronage. We would also like to thank all officers, mall managers and security teams for ensuring everyone’s safety

Luckily it doesn’t seem like anyone was seriously injured in the incident. We would advise you to pay full price for a burger instead of doing this sort of thing, even if it is a really really good burger.