Melbourne’s Fave Burger & Retro Video Game Joint 8bit Is Heading To Sydney

It would take a lot to get me interested in the ongoing and unceasing Melbourne v Sydney war that continues to rage on. Both places have their positives and negatives, and I love them both.

However, the news that Sydney is about to cop one of the only burger establishments that Melbourne has and not us has certainly peaked my interest. Or at least my tummy. The war between cities is not interesting to me, but having access to the best burgers is vital.

You would recognise Melbourne’s 8bit from wandering around Melbourne city, with its Atari-inspired decor on both the outside and inside of their establishments. There are currently three 8bits around the place, and Sydney’s Darling Square is going to be the fourth. Yes.

Owners Shayne McCallum, Alan Sam, and Long Tran wanted 8bit to be a modern version of a local takeaway, even squezing in a Space Invaders machine.

The Sydney venue, set to open in April, will be the biggest joint yet, with 130 seats and an outdoor area. Plus it will be licensed, and the boys are planning on serving up some local brews alongside the delicious-looking burgers, onion rings and hot dogs.

Get. In. Me.