ZOINKS: Mum Goes Off At Woollies After Accidentally Feeding Kids Dog Treats

If you’ve ever come perilously close to spooning out a heaping forkful of dog food onto your toast because the can’s the same bloody colour as the baked beans, spare a thought for Tania Toomey‘s kids, who unfortunately chowed all the way down on some real-life Scooby Snacks.

Yep, Toomey put dog treats in her kids’ lunchboxes, and she’s laying the blame for it squarely on Woolworths and their tricksy, tricksy packaging.

In Toomey’s defence, she does say that she found the dog snacks in the biscuit aisle next to the Tiny Teddies. And the dog treats do say they come in individual packets, just like Tiny Teddies. AND they’re made with carob! They’re the healthy choice!

Unfortunately they are also labelled, in small but clear writing, “PET FOOD ONLY“.

According to News.com.au, Woollies is insisting that the treats were not stocked in the biscuit aisle but in the pet food section, and have pointed out that the pack says that the treats are designed to “support skin and coat health” (which applies to kids, I guess, depending on the kind of kid?).

Apparently it’s not the first time the Scooby Snacks have duped parents, with the New Zealand Herald reporting a similar spate of accidental dog food dinners back in June.

Unsurprisingly Toomey has copped a fair bit of clapback for her taking Woollies to task, but really, we should be focusing on the true victims of this story: those poor kids. Much like human flesh, they’ll now have a hunger for dog bikkies that will never be sated.