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Getting ‘salon quality hair at home’ is an over-used marketing line, but the hair gods at Dyson might have actually done it. They’ve just released an attachment specifically designed to replicate the skill and dexterity of you local hairdresser, which is so simple even idiots (me) can use it. It’s called the Supersonic Flyaway Attachment, and it might look like a weird hook claw but it gets the job done.

No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch and how many products I buy, I’ve never been able to replicate what my hairdresser can do. I’ve always assumed it was because I lacked both the skills and the dedication. While that’s true, I’ve now realised there’s a third reason: it’s a lot easier to use two hands to control a hair dryer’s air flow when you’re pointing it at someone else’s head.

That’s where the flyaway attachment comes in. Following its ethos of “solving problems other people haven’t thought of”, Dyson spent 10,000 hours observing more than 420 stylists around the world, and realised why stylists could finish off a blow dry so much better than the rest of us. They were using a round brush and a blow dryer to smooth stray hairs (as opposed to sticky hair sprays and heat).

That lil curved bit at the end? That’s the flyaway attachment. Photo: Supplied.

Obviously, that’s not an easy skill to learn, and it’s especially tricky to manage it on your own head. So, Dyson engineers came up with a hook-looking thing, which attaches to your Supersonic hairdryer and does the job of a stylist’s very capable hands.

“The trick to take annoying flyaways is a core skill for a stylist,” celebrity hairstylist and Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Jen Atkin said.

“However, we want our clients to now be able to get that same glossy finish at home.”

Basically, the attachment uses low-heat air to push flyaways (usually shorter / broken hairs) away from the ‘top’ part of your hair, while lifting longer hairs up. You’re meant to use it after you’ve already styled your hair, as the final zhuzh.

The result is that your hair doesn’t start frizzing at the first hint of moisture, without needing to use hairspray (which might damage the hair) or going over it with a hot iron (which will definitely damage the hair). Chic.

In a session to demonstrate how to use it (online and from lockdown, of course), Dyson Styling Ambassador Peter Thomsen added this little nugget: it will help your hair grow longer faster.

“It will protect your baby hairs, meaning they’re less likely to break and have a chance to grow longer,” he said.

Good news for anyone who jumped on the lob train and now has a few regrets, IMO.

If you already have a Supersonic hairdryer, then the flyaway attachment is a $99 add-on. Otherwise, it now comes with the hairdryer, which is a pricy but long-term investment-worthy $599.