Dyson Has Unveiled A $700 Hair Straightener & My Poor Wallet Is Already Quivering

It’s finally happened; Dyson has unveiled its next foray into the hairstyling realm with its first hair straightener, which has been a massive seven years in the making. And as someone who has spent more than half of her life laboriously straightening her hair, I absolutely want one of these bad boys.

The Dyson Corrale is the company’s first venture into heat styling that isn’t an elaborate blow dryer, and the geniuses behind your parents’ favourite vacuum cleaner have brought their wild innovation to the hot tongs.

First of all, the Dyson straightener is completely cordless, meaning that there’s no chance that I’ll get myself all tangled up in cords and cables trying to get that one annoying kink in my hair. Thank GOD. There’s also the option to use it with a cord as well, if your styling takes a little bit longer – which will probably be me considering it takes me like 45 minutes to get through the huge mane of curls on my head on a good day.

The Corrale also follows the Dyson AirWrap and Supersonic hairdryers, with the way it controls and uses heat to straighten the hair – though it heats all the way up to 210ºC, it uses heat control technology to stop you from totally frying your hair.

Using sensors that measure the straightener’s temperature 100 times a second, the Corrale’s microprocessor (little computer-thingy in the handle) then figures out the right temperature to be applying to your hair.

But the one thing that sets the Dyson straightener apart from all the other piping hot tongs out there, is the fact that the plates move. Yep, those two straightening plates are made up of 15 segments that flex and move with your hair, so you get a consistent style in one go and you’re not accidentally applying a bunch of heat to one area.

The Dyson Corrale comes in with a hefty $699 price tag but honestly, I am very tempted to go all-in and spend three weeks rent on this thing. Literally anything to be able to straighten my hair without absolutely destroying it is worth it.

It’s pinned to drop in Australia at the QVB Dyson demo store in Sydney and on the Dyson website from April 24, and will be available at David Jones, Myer, Sephora and Adore Beauty from May 1.