We Tried Brow Lamination, The Treatment That Promises Low-Maintenance Bushy Eyebrows

brow lamination

Brow lamination has been the most talked about eyebrow treatment for the last year – a painless “perm” for brow hairs, giving you a Lily Collins / Brook Shields / Cara Delevingne look without all the effort each morning.

We wrote about brow lamination last year, but in 2020 we sent someone along to try it. My colleague Lucinda headed to Colette Manion, Owner of Kohl Beauty in Sydney, to give it a road test.

To start with, Colette sat Lucinda down to chat about what she wanted out of brow lamination.

“We discussed how brow lamination works and how long she’s been working in the industry. She explained that she wanted to provide a service that was a little more relaxed than your typical salon experience.”

Before getting into things, Colette took photos of Lucinda’s brows in their original state, so she could see the difference. Brow lamination isn’t meant to be a hyper-dramatic change. Instead, it’s designed to help anyone with straight brow hairs or coarse, untameable ones get the bushy eyebrows of their dreams.

Lucinda pre-treatment.

The process was painless – you lie back on an extremely comfy salon chair/bed thing as Colette applies formula to your brow hairs that helps soften them and makes them malleable.

“This stuff stank like seaweed but that makes me think it works. Then she brushed my eyebrows into the position I wanted and applied the lamination solution, leaving that on for about 5 minutes. She let me choose between ‘super fluffy’ (the model look, she called it) or a more subdued look with a tapered end. I went with the first.”

Lucinda’s brows with the solution on.

Once the lamination solution was wiped off, the results were… a bit intense.

“It was pretty hectic looking at the start. But by the end of the day I was really used to it and loved them.”

Lucinda post-treatment.

Colette says the results are usually a more defined arch, and a “brushed up” effect.

It’s great if you have wild, unruly brow hair that just wont seem to sit in your preferred position. People often say that they look as if their brows have just been ‘brushed up’ and that they look thicker and fuller. The idea is that you don’t have to then pencil or draw in the shape anymore and lasts for up to 8 weeks depending on your specific brow hair texture.

Lucinda found hers were best for the first two weeks post-treatment, but are still going strong today.

It’s been almost 4 weeks now, I brush them up in the morning and they stay a fair bit better than my brows before treatment.

So how much will it set you back? At Kohl Beauty, $135. But this also includes the nourishing serum to take home and use regularly. It’s not an insane amount if you have really unruly brows, or struggle to nail the bushy brow look.