Succumb To Yr Inner Lazy W/ These 13 Boiler Suits That Don’t Require A Second Thought In The AM

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Strap yourselves in, folks, because boiler suits are well and truly back on the scene. Now, I know what you’re thinking — when the fuck did mechanic-wear become chic? God only knows. But, hey, we’re not complaining — these all-in-ones are comfy as hell and make for a full fit, minus all the trouble of deciding what goes with what.

According to TikToker @localhormones, all you have to do is chuck some accessories on top and add a jacket if you’re cold, then voila, you’re set to go.


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So, without further ado, here are some of the best around the traps, especially if you’re in the market for a seriously comfy spring.


boiler suit

Thrills Hard Yakka Coveralls in Yakka Blue, $189.99

In full workman style, Thrills has collaborated with Hard Yakka to create this lil’ number. A cross between “I’m going to my plumbing day job” to weekend pub chic — the chokehold this piece of clothing will have on the masses this spring will be unmatched. Just wait.


Third Form Crossroads Jumpsuit, $320

For something that screams a little more “boozy brunch with the girls,” may I present to you this Third Form cotton boiler suit for women? With a tie-belt to cinch you in, and an ankle cut-off to show off some chunky sandals or heels, you’ve got yourself a solid fit here, besties.


boiler suit

Rue Stiic Bex Worksuit, $155.40 (usually $259)

If you’re planning on giving your boiler suit some love in summer, this Rue Stiic all-in-one is made from lightweight cotton and linen, so rest assured, you’ll be able to get some breeze up in there to stay cool.


Third Form Slick Rick Pu, $176 (usually $320)

Did someone say boiler suit fit for a night out?! This leather number is the perfect bridge between comfy and sexy.

boiler suit

Insight Avianna Denim Boiler Suit, $95.96 (usually $119.95)

If you’re not a fan of the long sleeves and long pants but still want to embrace the boiler suit trend, this shorts variation is just as gorgeous — especially when it comes to chucking something over your togs before you go to the pool or beach.


Signature 8 Wide Sleeve Denim Boiler Suit, $110.50 (usually $147)

Moving to thicker material, this Signature 8 wide-sleeve denim boiler suit for women is better kept for those cooler spring/summer days given it’s quite heavy. The in-built belt will also give you the SNATCHED look that I know you’re all after.

boiler suit

Top Man Denim Boiler Suit, $130

The boys don’t have to miss out either — this Top Man number makes picking a fit easy as hell. Kind of like an all-in-one shampoo or face wash, but in clothing form. Thank us later.


Dickies Haughton Long-Sleeve Boiler Suit in Black, $151.50 (usually $178)

From the people that make the iconic Dickies pants you’ve seen all over the internet — rolled down at the waistband, no less – this boiler suit is just an extension of that with sleeves. You can wear it all zipped up or throw on a crop and leave it open like the model above. The world really is your oyster here.


boiler suit

Ksubi Hazard Boiler Dress, $130 (usually $259.95)

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A boiler suit dress? Yep, folks. For those among us who would like a more femme twist on the boiler suit trend, this is it.

Ksubi Feedback Boiler Suit in Tan, $112 (usually $279.95)

Alternatively, this high-neck, collared boiler suit for women comes in a unique tan colour that can be dressed up with heels (as shown) or down with sneakers.


boiler suit

Acid Wash Plunging V Neck Denim Boiler Suit, $57.60 (usually $128)

In the market for a unique boiler suit that has a plunging V-neck? Nasty Gal has got you covered — and for 55% off. While it’s currently pictured in white, it also comes in a bunch of different colourways, including pink, black and blue.


Unisex Converse Shapes Boiler Suit, $150 (usually $200)

Thanks to its loose fit and cotton build, this Converse option is the epitome of comfort. It’s also down by a neat $50 for a limited time only, so get in quick, bbys.


boiler suit

Air Brush Check Jumpsuit, $150 (usually $300)

The colour says it all. No further comment is required.