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Correct me if I’m wrong here (even though I’m not)… but it feels like everything, and I mean everything is abnormally cold in winter. Your clothes. Your bed. The toilet seat, ooft, the bloody toilet seat. It seems like you’re freezing from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you shut them again, and everyone must know and relate to how uncomfortably cold you are. Well, you know what you need, a few key winter products that’ll warm you right back up. 

Things like electric heat packs, heated blankets and throw rugs, heated towel racks (basically heated anything), as well as comfy hooded blankets and weighted ones — they’re all the MVPs of winter living if you ask me. And for that reason, I’ve gone ahead and hunted down all the winter products you’ll need to help you face the cold snap, so you can stop bitching about it to ya mates. 


The Comfy Blanket Hoodie (‘Nuff Said)

winter product

THE COMFY Original, $59.99

If you only purchase yourself one thing this winter, it’s got to be a Comfy blanket hoodie. The blanket hoodie is a wearable blanket that basically turns you into a human burrito. It’s even got a pocket for your hands. Mmm, just look at how comfy that thing is! LOOK AT IT! 

Hot Pod Electric Heat Pack

winter product

Hotpod Electric Heat Pack, $31.49

My boyfriend brought me one of these recently and I’m fkn obsessed with it, to say the least. The Hotpod Electric hot pack is great if you’ve got cramps, the back of an 80 y/o (Hi Me!) or just want something to warm up your bed during cooler months. It comes with a velvet case so you won’t scold your skin and heats up automatically when you plug it in. It only takes around 10-15 minutes to heat up and last up to 8 hours in a warm environment or 3-4 hours in a cold one. A welcome addition to your list of essential winter products? I think so. 

Neck & Shoulder Heat Pad aka A Cuddle

warm up

Aroma Season Neck and Shoulder Heat Pad, $42.99

If you’re on the hunt for a winter boyfriend, this might just save you the swipe. This neck and shoulder heat pad basically feels like a warm hug. It soothes the tension and calms the senses, embraces you in an aura of sweet, sweet comfort. All you have to do is heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes and voilà, the perfect winter product! 

Electric Heated Throw Blanket For When Your Partner Abandoned You

winter product

Kogan Washable Plush Electric Heated Throw Blanket, $49.99

Snuggle up on the couch when the temperature plummets with the Kogan Washable Plush Electric Heated Throw Blanket. This little baby is temperature-controlled up to 55 degrees and has a fast heating function so you won’t freeze your tits off waiting for it to warm up.

Back & Neck Massager W/ Heat 

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat, $69.99

If you’re really feeling bougie, but have a budget, this Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with inbuilt heating is *chefs kisses*. It gently warms up whatever part of your body you put it on while kneading and massaging away at your tense bits. The good news is, you can move it around your body to so it becomes a lower back massager, leg massager, hell even your booty can get in on the action. You can read a full review from our mates at Gizmodo here. 

An Electric Blanket Bc You’re An Adult Now & Will Remember To Turn It Off 

Giselle Bedding Heated Electric Blanket (Queen), $49

Speaking of, if you haven’t slashed out on an electric blanket yet, you’re really missing out. Long gone are the days where one would cost you a kidney. This little bad boy from Giselle pops on like a fitted sheet and is fully washable.

Ugg Boots Are Back, Baby!

warm up

Ugg Men’s Classic Short Boots, $250 

Like all good early ’00s trends, UGG boots are back, baby. Not only are they essential in any winter wardrobe, but they’ll also provide you with ultimate comfort when the temperature drops. Your feet will never be cold again. 

A Weighted Blanket To Replace Your Search For A Winter Boyfriend

warm up

Oodie Grey Weighted Blanket Bundle, was $268, now $134 (save $134)

You can also score yourself a weighted blanket if you go for the Oodie Bundle, this of the weighted blanket as Guac, it costs you extra, but man oh man it’s worth it. The Oodie Weighted Blanket is like a big hug that helps with sleep and anxiousness. It uses the relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation therapy to help take your sleep to the next level. 

Slippers But Make Them Grandma Chic

Ugg Women’s Oh Yeah Slippers, $150

Remember the slippers that were all over Instagram last year? Well, there’s are their newer, cooler younger sister. Perfect for wearing around the house, these comfy AF bad boys are both stylish and will keep your tootsies toastie. *Adds to cart*

A Hand Warmer So You Can Actually Feel Your Fingers To Type 

Rechargeable Hand Warmer, $26.29

Perfect for the home office (or actual office) this adorable hand warmer is a godsend on a chilly winter morning, and it’s under $30! It’s a rechargeable, compact, portable unit, making it the ideal purchase from your winter products shopping list.

Keep Those Tootsies Warm With An Electric Leg Warmer

Mini Warm Leg Warmer, $109

While you’re at it, it would be rude to let your toes go numb while your fingers are feeling all toasty. This mini leg warmer folds to the right place and will keep your legs and feet warm under the desk — whether that’s at home or in an office.

Heated Towel Rack, (Now Can They Make An Affordable Toilet Seat Version, Pls?)

warm up

Kromo Portable Heated Towel Rail $39.99

As adults, we’re all aware that there might not be anything worse than how bloody cold it gets in your bathroom during winter. One cheeky way to warm up is with a heated towel rack. Not only does it mean deliciously toastie towels, but it’ll also give your bathroom a little more warmth. 

Keep Your Tea Warm Even If You Forget About It For Hours

Cup Heater, $32.94

For whatever reason, we’re all guilty of fixing ourselves a nice hot coffee or cup of tea, only to promptly forget it exists. We return to it way too late and either give up or have to shove it in the microwave. Well, now that’s just for chumps because you can keep your hot bevvie hot on this electric coaster.