Friends! It’s officially shiver season. My feeties are cold as fuck, my legs long for warmth, and my body has gained the ability to refrigerate small perishable goods. Dammit, it’s winter, and I’m pressed. Thankfully, the German legends over at ALDI are coming to us with a heated travel blanket that can plug into your car. I will never know frost again.

Yep, as of last Saturday, ALDI is selling off heated travel blankets for just $29.99 a piece. If you don’t have a car to plug them into though, fear not, because ALDI is also selling fitted electric blankets in three different sizes. Both products come as part of the new special buys sale.

Dunno about you, but I’m ready to kick the cold right in the butt. Friendship with the icy cold has ended, now warmth is my best friend.

“Whether you’re going camping or caravanning this weekend, our 12V Heated Travel Blanket has you sorted! Includes a 12V car adaptor and 2m detachable power cable, and available in assorted colours,” ALDI wrote in a Facebook post.

Here’s one of the three colours you can snag up this godly warmth machine in.

heated travel blanket aldi
Pic: Aldi’s 12V Heated Travel Blanket, Blue – $29.99

The Facebook post for the product has already received over 9K comments on the ALDI Australia FB page, full of freezing cold compadres who are excited to get their hands on some warmth for their next car trip.

“Gosh darn it, ALDI has done it again! It is truly amazing how cutting edge products like this end up in an ALDI catalogue,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Take my money, it’s going to be freezing out there!” wrote another.

And if you dislike travel, or in some instances, can’t quite travel at the moment, then ALDI will be stocked up on electric blankets as well. The electric blankets however don’t change colours, but come in king single, queen and king.

electric blanket aldi
Pic: King Single Fitted Electric Blanket – $29.99

If you need me, you can find me in the aisles of ALDI stocking up on all the electric blankets that I can get my hands on. One for travel and one for home. It’s perfect. I’ll never be cold again.