Dr. Martens & Lazy Oaf Have Copulated And Made Sweet Shoe Bebes

In one of the best fashion collabs we can think of, iconic ARE YOU FROM LANDAN brand Lazy Oaf has boned Dr. Martens, and the outcome of the result is this 1 pound, 3 ounces pair of shoes.

Lazy Oaf have taken the classic 1431 3-eye style and covered it with flocked red hearts – adorable. They’ve gone for a matte black over patent, and easily the best bit is their ‘Don’t Care’ slogan on the backs. Because flaunting your eternal disinterest is sooooo chic, dahhhhling.

The collection is actually a 3-piece, with this pair of Jungle Boots and their cute-but-not ruffle detail:

And a leather heart bag:

Currently the only style available in Oz is the 1431’s – but really, it’s good news since that means our wallets will only 1/3 deplete at this point.

You can nab your own pair from PepperMayo or Violent Green as of today – they’ll set you back $249.