WATCH: Snoop Dogg Lobs A Ceremonial Baseball Pitch So Bad It Rivals 50 Cent

If you ever get the opportunity to chuck out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game, don’t try and kid yourself. They’re not expecting you to light up the field with a bolt of thunder. There’s not gonna be any serious heat check for you after you let it rip. You’re not in the bottom of the ninth trying to close out the World Series. Just… maybe just keep it in third gear and make sure it goes over the plate, yeah?

Poor, blessed Snoop Dogg got the chance to throw out the first pitch at the recent MLB game between the San Diego Padres and the Atlanta Braves.
Leading up to the moment, Snoop did his due diligence and warmed up properly with a few looseners in the nets. And, credit where its due, it would appear that he’s actually got a decent arm.

Heat. Curve. Knuckle slider

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Not too bad, right? Decent heat.
But it turns out there is absolutely such a thing as trying to bring too much noise, for when dear Snoop Dogg stepped up to the mound to chuck out the official bomb, well…

Missed it by *that much*.

To his credit, it’s still not quite the utter stinker that 50 Cent‘s Hall of Fame-worthy pitch was.
But then again that’s an iconic moment in a class entirely of its own.
*kisses fingers* Bellissimo!

Source: Uproxx.
Photo: Denis Poroy/Getty.