Watch Seth Rogen Teach Snoop Dogg How To Roll A Cross joint

After their fantastic Game Of Thrones recapSeth “Staring Directly Into The Sun” Rogen and Snoop “Where The Hell’s My Blue Powerade At?” Dogg again got high, talked shit together and forgot what the hell they were just talking about, joining forces with the weed and with each other in the most recent ep of the latter’s Double G News Network web series.

In this invaluable exchange of veteran stoner knowledge you’d think Mr. Dogg would need less than a list of words that rhyme with “sizzle”, Rogen teaches Snoop Dogg how to roll the most righteous of novelty joints, the cross-joint, something he apparently mastered on the Pineapple Express set. 

“I call this shit Seth-to-death,” Snoop explains at one point. “Because when you hit this shit, you damn near die.” 
Snoop then schools Seth on the etymology of the chronic, in turn explaining the etymology of The Chronic.
Watch and learn people.