WATCH: Fighter Gets Immediate Promotion To UFC After Spine-Chilling Knock-Out

Julian Maruqez, a middle-weight MMA fighter, has scored himself an almost immediate UFC contract and promotion after obliterating an opponent with, what I believe in fighting terms is called, a huge fucking kick to the head.

Whilst battling it out in the Octagon as part of Dana White’s Contender Series, a weekly MMA series which has scouts on the hunt for the next big UFC star, Maruqez had his opponent Phil Hawes against the ring after a series of blows before he unleashed with an epic upwards kick which landed with a sickening crack.

White was so impressed with the winning knock-out he waited til Maruqez had left the ring before immediately offering him a contract.

Watch the footage of the HYUGE move below, with the crunch that will haunt your dreams tonight, occurring around the 0:20 mark.