King Bullshitter Fakes His Way Backstage At UFC Conf To Walk Out W/ McGregor

Remember the time that Aussie bloke edited Peking Duk‘s Wikipedia page to list himself as family so he could get backstage and party with them?

It’ll forever be legendary, but bow the fuck down for the ultimate in tales of bullshitting your way to the top.
British YouTuber Zac Alsop – who last year made headlines when he and a friend managed to board a Rio 2016 Olympic parade float dressed as athletes – faked his way backstage at the London press conference of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight last Friday, using nothing but basic Photoshop skills, a laminator and a pair of steel balls.
After fashioning bogus ‘Access All Areas’ passes at home, Alsop made his way past the epic amount of security and into Wembley Arena to rub shoulders with not only UFC lightweight champion McGregor and his close-knit team but UFC president Dana White.
In the video posted to his channel, the larrikin can be seen standing spitting distance away from McGregor as he preps to walk out into the ring and stare down Mayweather for some good ‘ol fashioned shittalk, capturing the Irishman reacting to being called the “former UFC featherweight champion”.
Alsop then got to watch the entire press conference ringside, capping off the most insane bit of bullshitting in recent history.

Unsurprisingly, Alsop’s adventure is gaining worldwide attention;.
“This one was a lot of fun,” he’s said, which seems like a gross understatement tbqh.

Check out the whole thing below.

Photo: YouTube / Zac Alsop.