Of Course Floyd Mayweather Has A Giant Mural Of Conor McGregor In His House

Of course that asshole does.

He might’ve stopped Conor McGregor in the 10th round of their so-billed “mega fight,” but that doesn’t mean for a second that convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather simply went back to his normal life the moment he stepped out of the ring.

Mayweather, the convicted domestic abuser, revealed a giant, 8-foot pair of portraits – new additions to his Beverley Hills home – featuring his own visage and, perhaps a little surprisingly, a matching one of McGregor.

But far from the face-rubbing display of petulance you’d usually expect, the portraits are reserved and even borderline respectful.

It’s no secret that, despite the trash-talking done in the lead up to the “fight,” McGregor and convicted domestic abuser Mayweather displayed nothing but the utmost respect for each other in the event’s aftermath, with both men clearly in admiration for each others abilities and, perhaps more pertinently, the ungodly amount of money they were able to generate from the spectacle.

That said McGregor, in the portrait, is looking directly at the posing fight victor, and half of Floyd’s arm is in Conor’s frame. But considering who commissioned it that’s about as close to genuine respect as you’re probably ever likely to see.

‘Course that level of respect never applied to the multiple women Mayweather’s been convicted of viciously beating, but that’s another story for another day.