The UFC is seemingly on the precipice of handing a fighting contract to journey lightweight Nick Newell, a fighter born with a congenital amputation.

Newell, a 32-year-old fighter who sports a 14-1 career record, was born without a left hand and forearm; an amputation that ends just below his elbow.

Nevertheless, the fighter amassed a reasonably successful high school and collegiate career in wrestling, before turning his attentions to mixed-martial arts after college.

Newell managed to amass a reasonably impressive early career, which peaked in 2012 upon capturing the Xtreme Fighting Championship lightweight title. But in 2015 the fighter took a hiatus from the sport, toying briefly with the idea of retirement.

That hiatus ended in March where, after two-and-a-half-years away, Newell returned to the sport in dominant, victorious fashion.

Since then, the man self-styled as “Notorious” has been reportedly campaigning UFC boss Dana White for a contract with the global fight company. But while the company has stopped short of giving him a document to sign, Newell’s now within more than a fighting chance of getting to the big time.

Reports today confirmed that Newell has been offered a spot on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series; a televised tryout of sorts that allowed unsigned fighters to showcase their talents in the hopes of scoring a UFC contract.

Newell is particularly handy inside an octagon, as highlight footage from his previous fights attests; of his 14 career wins, 9 have come via submission.

The full schedule for the second season of White’s Contender Series show has yet to be revealed, but the series is set to premiere in June.

Source: MMAJunkie
Image: Instagram / Nick Newell