Before we begin, I know, okay? I know. I know. The headline is just… fucken… I know.

In most athletic endeavour, break time is rare. Once the game starts, everything else kinda has to take a back seat.

Even, y’know… your back seat.

UFC fighter Justine Kish found that out the hard way in the middle of her strawweight bout against Felice Herrig at ‘UFC Fight Night‘ in Oklahoma yesterday.

Late in the third round, with the fight slipping away from her, Kish found herself firmly trapped in a Herrig rear-naked choke that looked like a fight-ender. Miraculously, Kish managed to escape it through naught but sheer strength, determination, and ah… quite a bit of exertion, as it turns out.

Keen-eyed fight viewers quickly noted that it took quite a bit out of Kish – extremely literally – in order to get out of the hold.

That’s a poop. No doubt about it.

Not even that was enough for the previously undefeated Kish to retain her spotless record, with Herrig edging out the fancied brawler in a tough, 3-round decision victory.

Credit to her though, Kish owned straight up to the incident in a post-fight reaction on Twitter.

There you go. It’s not often you can you had the literal shit beaten out of you.

And with that awful joke, let us never speak of this yarn again.


Photo: Twitter.