Here’s Your First Look At The Stupidly Expensive New Sydney Football Stadium

The NSW State Government has released the first images of what the rebuilt Sydney Football Stadium will eventually look like via a series of artists impressions of the redeveloped Moore Park area.

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The old Sydney Football Stadium formally closed its doors for the last time a week ago, with a Michael Bublé concert somewhat fittingly serving as the stadium’s final use.

With doors shut on the ageing facility, it’s not set to be demolished and rebuilt, with a planned 55,000-seat stadium set to take its place.

The NSW Government hopes that stadium will “set the standard” for rectangular stadiums in Australia, eclipsing the facilities at Melbourne’s AAMI Park and Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium by a wide margin.

NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres unveiled the design earlier this morning, highlighting the fact that the design has been made with a strong anti-terrorist bent, with pathways in and out of the ground allowing for swift evacuation in the event of an emergency.

On more practical and less pants-shitting notes, all 55,000-odd seats in the stadium will be shielded from the rain thanks to a unique roof design that will not only keep punters dry, but will also reflect sound creating a much louder and more thrilling sporting environment.

The roof’s underside will also have the ability to light up in home team colours, as will the entire underside of the stadium, amplifying the stadium’s ability to serve as a fortress for tenant sides.

Ayers trumpeted the design, stating in no uncertain terms that it’s going to kick Queensland’s ass, bringing a little State of Origin rivalry into the picture for some odd reason.

This stadium will kick Suncorp Stadium into reserve grade. From technology and design to amazing views, it’s nothing short of world class.

Demolition work on the current Sydney Football Stadium is due to begin in January, with construction on the new facility to be completed by 2022.