Wanna See A Photo Of Ronda Rousey’s Nearly-Severed Finger? Yeah Ya Bloody Do

Since getting royally rumbled by the great Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, Ronda Rousey has been largely off regular TV screens in a WWE capacity. But in her time away from ye olde pro-graps, she’s been hard at work on various other film projects. One of which happens to be a guest spot on the US disaster porn series 9-1-1, and that spot happens to have resulted in the very-near severing of one of her fingers.

If you’re squeamish, you might want to look away. There’s a photo of the injury, and it is straight-up grizzly.

[jwplayer nVtcgrXy]

The story goes that Rousey was on-set filming scenes for her appearance on the show, and on the first take of a day a boat door fell on her hand. Which is precisely the kind of normal thing that happens on that show on the bloody reg.

Rousey reportedly knew she was hurt immediately, but gutted it out and finished the shot because, direct quote here, she is “used to live audiences and never showing pain.” Got it.

It wasn’t until the scene finished and she got a chance to look down that she realised just how badly she was hurt. And hoo boy, was she ever badly hurt.

Turns out the falling boat door (again, normal) smashed a bone on her middle finger and tore all the flesh around, essentially leaving her with one digit dangling precariously.

Rousey, quite generously, shared a photo of the truly fucked-up injury on Instagram.

Really, we can’t stress this enough: It’s a gross finger.


Christ alive that is COOKED.

According to Rousey, surgeons rapidly reattached all the various severed things and she’s already managed to regain around 50% motion within a few short days.

What that means for the various combat-related things she plans to do with that hand in the future remains to be seen. But I think the real lesson we can take from this is clear: If a boat door is in any danger of falling, remove yourself from the drop zone.

It’s just common sense.