Following what has been described as “the greatest upset in UFC history”, that saw Ronda Rousey‘s winning streak broken by Holly Holm in Melbourne, Holm’s coach has called her opponent’s intellect into question.

“Ronda is an emotional fighter and she has overwhelmed people with that pressure sometimes and it’s worked for her in the past,” said coach Mike Winkeljohn, after the bout. “It’s just Holly is at another level when it comes to intellect.”

Rousey is known for her brash style, and Winkeljohn claimed that Holm had deliberately held back in her previous fights, as if to lull her rival into a false sense of security. 

“Footwork is always the key for Holly Holm in her fights and Holly has held back a bit in the past and that was all part of the plan,” he continued.
“We knew we would fight Ronda one day and Holly showed why she is now the best in the world.”

Yesterday afternoon saw Rousey hospitalised after Holm’s brutal second-round K.O., although some claimed her injuries (a busted lip) weren’t serious enough to warrant that, and she was simply trying to avoid post-fight press.

via Fairfax
Photo: Quinn Rooney via Getty Images