Ronda Rousey Again Verbally Torches Floyd Mayweather

Alright, this fight isn’t even close.

A few months ago UFC champion, MMA fighter extraordinaire, arguably the baddest woman on the planet Ronda Rousey threw more than a handful of shade in the direction of convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd had previously attempted to play the limp “I don’t know who she is,” card whenever discussion about her appeared in his general shitty vicinity.
At today’s ESPY Awards ceremony, Rousey took out the gong for “Best Fighter,” an award won by Mayweather 6 out of the previous 8 times it had been given out, and who had won every time he was nominated until today.
In fact, not only does Rousey become the first female to win the award, she becomes the first Mixed Martial Arts fighter to take it out – the two times Mayweather was not nominated and therefore did not win, the award went to Manny Pacquiao.
And in beating Mayweather to the punch this year, Rousey took the clear golden opportunity to have another spectacular verbal dig at the man who calls himself “Money.

Floyd can put his head in the sand all he wants about the Rowdy one, but the Judges score cards don’t lie: It’s only Round 2 and Rousey just knocked him the fuck out.
Photo: Paul Archuleta via Getty Images.