Ronda Rousey Throws Out A+ Verbal Zinger At Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has a horrendous record of repeatedly and savagely beating women, for which courts of law have found him guilty, for which he has spent time in jail, for which he has time and time again denied any wrongdoing, and for which he has continually attempted to sweep under the rug. This is a proven fact.
Ronda Rousey is a goddamned boss-ass bitch. This is also a proven fact.
The only thing in common the pair have is that they both sport undefeated records in their chosen professional combat sports. Because of this, inevitably someone is going to compare the in-ring skills of the two and ponder who would emerge victorious. This is just the comparative nature of people at work – or the “Who would win in a fight between a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Taco?” rule, if you will.
Enter: Access Hollywood, posing the question, “Mayweather’s undefeated. You’re undefeated. The general thought is we’d love to see you guys get in the ring. Could you take him down?
And Rousey’s response?

Well, I would never say that I can’t beat anyone. I don’t think me and him would ever fight unless we ended up dating.”


For the record, we wager Mayweather would last about as long as Turtle in the ring with Rousey.

You can’t run your way out of an armbar, after all.

Photo: Frazer Harrison via Getty Images.

via Uproxx.