A US Baseball Team Just Changed Its Name To The “Rocket City Trash Pandas”

The minor leagues of American sport are littered with incredible if not balls-out weird team names, but they are all complete garbage compared to the new champion of them all. Folks, presenting: the Rocket City Trash Pandas.

Hell yes. Hell YES.

[jwplayer uhR6V6TN]

The yarn goes that the current Mobile BayBears, a Double-A level minor league baseball team based out of the city of Mobile in southern Alabama, are heading north come 2020 with their new home set to be the town of Madison, just outside of Huntsville in the north of the state, right near the Tennessee border.

A new home meant the side needed a new name as well, and the Rocket City portion of things was decided on reasonably quickly; Huntsville, don’t ya know, is the home of the US Space and Rocket Centre. So that bit was straightforward.

What proved slightly more difficult was settling on a sufficiently cooked nickname for the side. So the side’s owners did the only right and just thing they could think of: they put it to an online vote.

Fortunately this one didn’t include an open field for input, so the side narrowly avoided being called the Basey McBaseballfaces or something equally bullshit like that.

The Trash Panda name – because Alabama has a lot of raccoons, get it? – won out over a class of highly fancied rivals, including ThunderSharksSpace ChimpsMoon Possums, and Comet Jockeys, with the full name unveiled earlier this afternoon.

Legit though, if some other franchise doesn’t leap all over SPACE CHIMPS there’s something very wrong with this world.

The newly-minted Trash Pandas – who are affiliated with MLB’s Los Angeles Angels – will unveil their official logo in late October.

Until then, start planning yr trip to catch the team in action from 2020 onwards. Hell yeah Garbage Cats. Get the fuck around them.

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