Prepare Yourselves For The Movie Of The Year: PANDAS

Well here’s easily the biggest contender for Movie Of The Year; straight to the biggest bloody screens you can find, comes PANDAS, an IMAX original film entirely about – yep you guessed it – wee baby pandas.

There’s honestly not much more I can tell you about this upcoming cinematic masterpiece apart from the fact that it’s going to be utterly adorable because panda bears are hopeless and clumsy, bumbling about and falling over all the time while letting out little yelps that will make your cold, dead heart grow three sizes.

It’s going to have everything: pandas cuddling, pandas falling off things, pandas trying to climb, pandas talking to each other in their squeaky panda cries, pandas drinking milk from their bottles, pandas sliding down a slide and clumsily falling off the end, pandas falling in water, the absolute works.

PANDAS is set to be in IMAX theatres from April 8, so clear the hell out of your calendar and go immerse yourself in this frightfully playful film.

EEEEEE they’re too cute. It will be a serious crime if you don’t go see it tbh.