Watch The Miami Dolphins Beat Son-Kisser Tom Brady With A Miracle Touchdown

It ain’t easy being a Miami Dolphins fan. Particularly in the last 20 years or so. The NFL‘s weird, humidity-fried turquoise lunatics have been haphazard at best in the modern era, but have occasionally shown flashes of promise. The only problem, though, is that they occupy the same division as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Meaning no matter how good or promising the Dolphins may be, on any given year the Patriots are still going to find a way to kick wholesale ass in the division and score the playoff spot.

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Given that also means the Dolphins have to play the Patriots twice a year, and it means Miami fans have been forced to see a lot of Brady over the course of his career, and it’s largely gone the way of New England.

Not today, but. Not today at all.

With Brady and the Patriots clinging on to a 5-point lead very late in the game, it looked quite likely they’d stroll out of Miami with another W over the Dolphins.

Particularly seeing as there were only 7 seconds left in the game.

And Miami was on their own 31-yard line, a full 69-yards (nice) away from the endzone.

And they had absolutely no time outs left.


Look at that ridiculous shit. LOOK AT ITKenyan Drake takes a cheeky Boise Special hook-and-ladder lateral and manages to weave his way through the *entire* Patriots secondary. He makes Rob Gronkowski look like he has all the agility of a stiff cow.

A fan angle from the fenceline makes the whole thing look even more ridiculous, purely because of how dang far the play had to go to score the walk-off touchdown.

Look at this remarkable photo of the moment Drake crosses the goal line, captured by the Miami Herald:

Tag yrself. We’re this lady:

Unsurprisingly, Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree after gawking at that utterly mind-boggling display.

And because of course, the whole thing has already been set to My Heart Will Go On, and of course it makes it feel absolutely life-affirming.

An extremely good outcome for everyone except Tom Brady and Patriots fans, who absolutely do not count.