Here’s An NFL Player Being Yanked To The Ground By His Own Dang Dreadlock

Provided you don’t run at someone’s skull with your own head or commit the apparent cardinal sin of falling on a quarterback, there aren’t too many illegal ways to tackle someone in the NFL. Case in point: A bloke executing a perfectly legal tackle earlier this morning by yanking a fellow giant man to the ground using nothing but a single dreadlock miraculously still attached to his head.

[jwplayer uhR6V6TN]

Dreadlocks aren’t uncommon in the NFL – “football jellyfish” for those Stefon fans among you – and Buffalo Bills running back Chris Ivory sports some of the more impressive ones in the league.

So too does Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney.

But professionalism in football means “make the tackle at any cost” supersedes “sympathy for people with similar hairstyles” in game-day mentality. And thus during this morning’s Bills vs Texans game, Clowney brought a rampaging Ivory to the ground using nothing but a strong grip on a single, lone dreadlock.

Ouch. Bloody… ouch.

Look at that in slow-mo. Look at the recoil of the dread once old mate lets go of it. How the living hell does that stay attached to Ivory’s dang head?

Luckily it didn’t escalate beyond that, with Clowney helping Ivory up off the ground and Ivory laughing about the incident in a post-game interview.

But good lord. That can’t have felt good.