Tom Brady, A Big Salty Baby, Found A Way To Again Make The Super Bowl All About Himself

If you thought we were gonna have a Super Bowl completely free of involvement from New England Patriots immortal Tom Brady, guess the hell again.

Brady and the Patriots were summarily dumped out of this year’s NFL Playoffs in the first week thanks to a boilover loss to the Tennessee Titans. But even though it’s just the second time in the past six years that Brady is not present on-field for the NFL’s season decider, Brady still managed to find a way to steal the spotlight by very strongly teasing what would be a shock retirement, only to wind up trolling everyone with, of all things, an ad for Hulu.

Brady initially sent sports media into overdrive a couple of days ago thanks to a deeply cryptic social media post that seemed to hint that the end of the most decorated career in American Football history was nigh.

As it turns out, that was just a ruse for Brady to, once again, take centre stage on Super Bowl day.

The entire shebang wound up being a massive troll on fans and sports media alike, with the Hulu ruse revealed during the Super Bowl broadcast today.

How’s the cheek on the bloke, I swear to god. He even closes the ad by saying “But me? I’m not going anywhere.” Unbelievable scenes.

Brady’s future at the Patriots remains unclear at this stage; franchise ownership wants him to return, but a new deal has to be struck for that to happen. Brady becomes a free agent in March and, in what would be something of an unthinkable scenario, would leave him free to play to a franchise that’s not the New England Patriots. The freshly relocated Las Vegas Raiders are said to be the ones sniffing around the hardest should that occur.

But there you go. It’s a San Francisco vs Kansas City Super Bowl, and yet all we’re talking about is Tom Bloody Brady.

Same as it ever was.