One of the key things they teach you as an American Football player, particularly if you’re a ball carrier, is the ability to make tacklers miss. Usually that involves duking, light feet, and trying to get defenders to erroneously commit to going one way while you go the other. Thanks to Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson, that apparently now also includes “treating them like the helicopter at the Hawaii hotel roof gap from Tony Hawk’s Underground.”

Carson, the Seahawks chief RB, found a novel way of getting past Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid during their clash earlier this morning.

In the third quarter, with Seattle trailing, Carson busted out of scrimmage with a fully charged special bar, vaulted over the top of Reid, pulled off a complete front flip, and somehow landed on his two feet before squeezing out a few extra yards on the play.

Seriously, how this bloke manages to plop back down to earth boots-first defies all known logic. I do not understand it.

Other angles? They’re just as impressive.

No part of that should’ve ended with an upright man running away. Not a single bit of it. Unreal scenes.

Though the Seahawks managed to get up and win 30-27 thanks to a last-second field goal, Carson didn’t manage to get away from the game unscathed.

Following his front flip heroics the 24-year-old out of Oklahoma State reportedly got a clip ’round the ears from his Mum over his acrobatic efforts.

Solid advice for any burgeoning young running back out there: Keep Mum happy, keep your feet on the ground.

Words to live by.

Image: Getty Images / Grant Halverson