AFL Fans Still Can’t Decide If This Is Goal Of The Year / Not A Goal At All

Jack Higgins Goal Throw Richmond Tigers

One of my favourite things about the 2018 AFL season is Richmond Tigers star draft recruit Jack Higgins. Despite having some seriously good footy skills, the kid is just a real good time. I’m seriously planning a story just dedicated to how delightful he is at some point down the track, just because he is pure joy. But right now, I’m here to discuss the goal he kicked on the weekend, because the footy world just cannot stop talking about it.

During his side’s spicy match-up against 3rd-placed Collingwood, Higgins displayed some of the most desperate, innovative ball work we’ve seen in a long time. Heading over the goal line in the 3rd quarter while just 4 points separated the team’s scores, he managed to keep the ball in play, run around the goal post, the bicycle kick it back over his own head.

Cop a look at this:

Though it went to video ref, it was deemed an Umpire’s Call and the goal umpire stuck his two hands out to award the 6 points.

Twitter predictably exploded with people calling it the goal of the year, while others claimed Higgins’ actions counted as a throw and therefore the goal shouldn’t have been allowed. In fact, the debate is still going, even though the game happened last night.

One one side…

On the other:

And some were like WHO CARES HOW GOOD IS FOOTY!

Higgins himself said post-match that he knew the goal was contentious, but the 19-year-old was just frothing how “crazy” it was.

The AFL’s umpiring department has confirmed today that they stand by the decision to award the six points, calling it a “clear goal”, but debate still rages on. My take? Goal or not, Higgo is still a bloody character.

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