It’s go-time, people. Footy finals have kicked off and it’s time to embarrass yourself and cheer your team on loudly (to the displeasure of everyone within a 10km radius). We get it, the finals are a big deal and you want to get behind your team in every possible way. After all, you’re not a true fan if you haven’t stripped naked and run around in the team flag and all the footy merch – just saying. 

If you’re wondering what other ways you can obnoxiously back your team – boy do we have just the thing. Below you’ll find an assortment of footy merch decked out in all the team colours (only the teams that made the finals though, soz). 

From hats to jerseys and everything in-between, we’ve thought of just about everything (even down to the themed beer cubbies). If you’re keen to back the team on a level that’s a little lower key – we’ve even got themed undies you can chuck on. A cheeky nod of support to your team’s colours that doesn’t feel like overdoing it, but by all means take them off and throw them in the air if your team wins. 

Any excuse for a piss-up and a dress-up sounds like a good time to us, so get around this footy merch in a big way. Carrn the blues/reds/etc, you get the idea.

AFL Ladies Henley Rib Tank Assorted Teams ($18.74) 

AFL Men’s Old School Jumper Assorted Teams ($37.49)


Eels NRL Men’s Muscle Top Footy Merch ($20.00)

Roosters NRL Mens Muscle Top ($20.00) 

footy merch

footy merch

NRL Women’s Cropped T-Shirt ($24.99)

NRL Women’s Old School Track Pant Rabbitohs ($30.00) 

AFL Men’s Panel Hoodie Geelong Cats ($30.00)

footy merch

Bonds x AFL Hipster Bikini West Coast Eagles ($10.77)

footy merch

Bonds x AFL Trunk ($29.95)

Richmond Tigers Face Mask ($20.68) 

Richmond Tigers T-Shirt ($24.53) 

Collingwood Magpies Mens Footy Shorts ($39.95)

West Coast Eagles Adults Hawaiian Shirt ($64.95) 

footy merch

Geelong Cats Adults AFL Hat ($24.95) 

Brisbane Lions Stubby Holder Footy Merch ($9.95)

AFL Collingwood Magpies Footy Merch Showbag ($26.99) 

footy merch

Set of 4 Richmond AFL Coasters ($10.99)

footy merch

Lowes Classic Storm Home Supporter Shorts ($29.95) 

footy merch

Rabbitohs NRL Mens Muscle Top ($20.00) 

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Image: Cotton On