Watch Luke Parker Bicycle Kick An Absurd Goal Like He Forgot About Gravity

It’s only round one, but hooley dooley what a cracker of a round it was. And while, sure, there’s a fully twenty-two rounds to go before the season is out, there’s a fair bloody chance we’ve already seen the AFL Goal of the Year thanks to Luke Parker.

The Sydney Swans ball magnet made a strong case for the top schnapp of the 2018 season with an absurd bicycle kick effort during the Swans’ opening round clash against the West Coast Eagles at the newly minted Optus Stadium in Perth.

With a touch over five minutes remaining in the last quarter, and with Sydney looking to stamp home a round one W, Parker took a flying loose ball that was bouncing away from Sydney’s goal square, and instead of following all conventional football instinct that suggests hands might’ve been a good idea, swings his foot at it wildly like he’s six beers deep playing FIFA and spamming the shot button.

That is absurd. Absolutely no need for that at all. Unbelievable.

For that to not pick up Goal of the Year someone’s probably gonna have to boonahnah it from the sodding moon.

But given there’s still 22 glorious rounds of footy to go, there’s plenty of time for that to happen.

Folks, there’s your bar for the year.